Melbourne students flexed their academic muscle as they ranked among the top performers on the Spring 2022 ACT Aspire exams – given last spring in literacy, reading, math and science.  The Aspire exams are given to students in grades 3 through 10.   Melbourne students ranked first in the county and the Northcentral Arkansas Educational Service Center region which includes 16 schools. 


Last year’s tenth grade student scores ranked 4th in the entire state and 2nd highest rated in public schools on the English Language Arts exam; while last year’s freshmen ranked 6th in the state on the same exam.  Overall Bearkatz students ranked 14th in the entire state for English Language Arts. 


This academic muscle flexing is a fantastic accomplishment for the students.  Students, parents, faculty, Board of Directors and staff, support is the recipe to provide the best quality education for our students to prepare them for their next chapter after high school.    Congratulations!