Melbourne Athletics

2020 Football Ticket Sales


  1. We will not presale tickets.
  2. Each player and cheerleader will be allotted 5 tickets a piece for family.
  3. The remaining tickets will be sold on first come first serve basis at the ticket gates.
  4. Gates will not open until 6:00 PM on Sr. High ball game nights and 5:00 PM on 7th/Jr. High ball game nights.
  5. Home capacity for home games will be 400.
  6. Visitor capacity for home games will be 180. When we determine how many tickets the visiting team will use, the amount not used will be added to tickets available at the gate.
  7. AAA passes will be honored at all games and will be included in capacity.
  8. Ticket prices will remain the same.  Adults $5 and Students $4
  9. All Melbourne students will be admitted free, but will count towards capacity.  Therefore students need a voucher to enter the stadium.
  10. Those with the 65 and older Classic Katz Sport Events passes will also be admitted free of charge, but will count towards the capacity.  Therefore a voucher is needed to enter the stadium.
  11. Once Bearkatz Stadium reaches capacity, the gates will be closed and no one will be allowed to enter.


2020 Bearkatz Stadium Entry Guidelines


  1. All ticket sellers, security personnel, and school administration will be screened prior to working and will be required to wear a mask.
  2. Upon arrival at Bearkatz Stadium the entrance will have markings 6 feet apart.  This indicates where fans should stand as they enter the stadium.
  3. There will be a tent set up in front of the ticket booth.  Fans should go to the tent to get a voucher then move to ticket booth to pay to enter.  If parents of players or cheerleaders already have a voucher, they can go straight to ticket booth.  These vouchers will guarantee entry.
  4. Sanitizer stations will be set up at ticket both.  Please use sanitizer as you enter the stadium.
  5. Capacity will be capped at 400 on the home side and 180 on visitor side.  Once capacity is reached, gates will close and no one will be allowed to enter.
  6. Guests will not be allowed to congregate within the facility before or after the event.  Fans will not be allowed on the field at any time before or after the game and must immediately exit the stadium following the contest.



Bearkatz Stadium Seating Plan:

1.      Every other bleacher will be open for fans to sit on and must be seated 6 feet apart.  Restricted rows will be marked.

2.      Family groups will be allowed to sit together.  Individuals must sit 6 feet apart.

3.      Once bleachers are full, fans will be allowed to stand on fences outside playing field.

4.      We will mark off 6 ft and put marks down so people can stay 6 feet apart at fences.

5.      Masks must be worn in stadium unless actively eating or drinking.

6.      Fans who refuse to follow ADH directives will be asked to leave.

7.      Please comply with directives so our student athletes can to continue to play!


1.      Concession stand will be open to public but will operate under ADH guidelines.

2.      Areas in front of window will be marked to maintain 6 ft distance from other fans.

3.      All concession workers will be screened prior to working and will be required to wear a mask and gloves.

4.      Sanitizer stations will be set up on each side of concession window. 

5.      Fans visiting concession stand are required to wear a face mask.

Bearkatz Stadium Venue (PDF)