Purchasing Guidelines and Quotes

The MSD Board of Education recognizes the necessity of establishing standards to govern the purchase of technology equipment, software and infrastructure. In order to insure technology purchases meet established standards, all purchase orders issued for the acquisition of technology must be measured against established standards prior to the purchase of technology.

The technology coordinator of Melbourne School District will be the clearing agent for measurement of technology purchases against these standards. Therefore, all purchase orders issued for the acquisition of technology, regardless of funding source, must be routed to the technology coordinator prior to being purchased.

Hardware & Software

All requests for quotes and questions regarding hardware acquisition should be directed to Leeanna Hoskinds at 870 368-7070 or leeanna.hoskinds@melbourneschools.org.

Pricing is routinely refreshed by the Technology Services Department in order to maximize the purchasing power of school when wanting to procure hardware. Please request new equipment quotes prior to any hardware or software purchase.