Guidelines and Policy

Arkansas Department of Education

American School Counselor's Association

Academic Resources

ERIC Professional Articles Database

Scholarly Journals and Professional Articles 

McGraw Hill Homework Helper

What's My Learning Style?

ACT Aspire Test Information

Personal/Social Resources

Families Inc.
Professional Counseling Service, servicing the Izard County area and beyond.

National Child Alliance
This website offers information to help local communities respond to allegations of child abuse and provides a list of local child advocacy centers.

Arkansas Crime Information Center

Stop Bullying Website
A federal government website managed but he US DHHS, which provides information on what bullying is, types of bullying, who is at risk, and how to manage and respond to reports of bullying.

Anger Management
This website provides an online anger management class.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
A website dedicated to education and the prevention of suicide.

Video Clips Used in Counseling Classes

RSA Short: Empathy Vs. Sympathy

Uncommon Valor: The Kyle Carpenter Story
An ESPN short on a Marine who demonstrates perseverance in extremely difficult circumstances. 

Famous Failures

Kid Snippets: Math Class

Cookie Monster: Me Want It (But Me Wait)
Cookie Monster demonstrates self-control.

The Allen Adventure
An alien from another planet comes to Earth to learn manners, self-control, and how to be a friend. 

Anger Management Tips from the Angry Birds

Friendship Short

Seseme Street: What is Empathy?
Actor Mark Ruffalo teaches Murray about the meaning of empathy.

Tolerance: The Little Rock Nine

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens

You Are Not Alone: Anti-Bullying Message from Celebrities

NED Show: Hard Word Pays Off
A video from the creators of the video game Plants vs. Zombies about the importance of working hard in school and working toward your goals. Special focus on studying mathematics.

"I Can Do Anything Good"
Watch a 4 year old school us all in the power of positive thinking! We should all start our day like this precious little girl!