Toshiba Copiers Are Scanners

The Toshiba copiers in the district can be used to scan documents into PDF.

  1. Insert USB drive into USB port on the copier
  2. Push Scan
  3. Select "USB"
  4. Under "File format", select "PDF"
  5. Click "File Name"
  6. In the top left corner of the screen, in dark blue, there will be characters. Erase them and name the file. Then click "OK" twice. Changing the file name is optional, just be sure you note the name.
  7. Place document(s) in the paper feed tray on top of the copier just as you would when making copies.
  8. Push "Scan" again
  9. Remove device once you see "USB device can be removed".

Now you have the document on your flash drive which you can then transport to your computer, and email, upload, or save.