The Arkansas Department of Education has granted our district five days of Alternative Methods of Instruction. What this means is that instead of having to “make up” missed days at the end of the year, students will complete learning activities at home on the day or days school is not in session. This not only allows us to count the missed days as times of instruction, but most importantly, your child will not lose valuable instruction. Should Melbourne School District have to close more than 5 days, each day thereafter will be made up at the district's discretion as it has been done in previous years.

Here’s how it works: Each core teacher has prepared a packet of learning activities. The packets will be sent home with the students when there is a chance of bad weather. The packets will also be available on the school website and in each building office. These learning packets will be labeled Day 1 through Day 5. Should we miss a day or several days of school, students will be instructed on which packet they are to complete for that day when you receive the dismissal call. When school reopens, students will turn in their work, and the teachers will issue a grade for all work completed. If partial work or no work is turned in, the student will be counted absent for that day and any makeup work will be at the discretion of the building principal. If students turn in all that is required (1 day, 1 packet; 2 days, 2 packets, etc.), they will not be counted absent.

Hopefully, our winter goes easy on us and we don’t have to miss any school. However, with this new alternative method plan in place our students will have the opportunity to continue their learning without interruption. Should you have any questions, please contact the building principal.